Investments in Vietnamese Startups

Vietnam is one of those countries that have long been known in history as one of the weaker nations. However, as time changed, it eventually began affecting the global economic situation as well. That’s the reason Vietnam has now emerged as one of those countries with great economic and business potential. Although, the country still has some restrictions with regards to freedom with technology. For instance, it has employed robust internet content limitations, which compels one to find out the best VPN for Vietnam for experiencing online freedom. Nonetheless, this limitation seemingly has no effect on its economic growth. That’s why people have turned towards this country for making investments in Vietnamese startups.

Why Invest In Vietnam

With regards to investments, Vietnam holds several reasons to attract investments. It not only hosts a considerable market size with huge potential for growth but also paves the way to step into other markets due to its ideal vicinity. The country offers trade openness and has employed significantly improved the quality of its institutional and regulatory affairs with continuous betterment. In addition to the awesome business infrastructure it holds for the markets, Vietnam is blessed with natural resources that open new horizons for economic growth and development. Besides, since the country boasts a peaceful political and domestic ambiance, investing a fortune here won’t be a bad deal to earn huge profits.

Rise Of Investments In 2018

While Vietnam has already gained traction from the investors during the past few years, the year 2018 brought substantial investments for the nation. According to a report by Topica Founder Institute (TFI), the investments in Vietnamese startups increased three folds to that of 2017, reaching up to $889 million. Allegedly, more than half of total startup investors included domestic funds, which hints towards the abundance of available domestic capital. Among the total investments, $734 million were attracted by top 10 investments. It means the investors weren’t afraid to pool huge amounts into the startups. Predominantly, the Vietnamese media giant Yeah1 attracted $100 million, Sendo – an e-commerce firm – attracted $51 million, and Topica received $50 million as investments.

TFI’s report explained that the main areas of the Vietnamese market attracting more investments include fintech, e-commerce, logistics, travel tech, and tech. Not only these niches received investments in 2018, but also flourish in a way that makes them promising markets of the future as well. Perhaps, this is the right time to invest in the Vietnamese market, mainly, the startup firms, to build up a prospering business.